A little about Me

Hi everyone. My name is Jacquie Murray and I am an employee of the Regina Catholic School Division. I have had the privilege of teaching for this division for the entirety of my 14 year career teaching Catholic Studies in the High School setting. I love that my job requires me to have significant conversations with young adults about their belief systems. I get to walk the path of learning, self-discovery and naming what one can hold to be true on a spiritual and human level alongside my students and grow in the process as well. My ultimate goal is to provide space and a language for their beliefs, to discuss how rituals, rites and celebrations offer space to interact with those beliefs, and that we grow in our perspectives when we share and learn with compassion and understanding. At the end of the day, I want my students to leave our space knowing that learning more about who they are, what they hold true, and having an vocabulary about it will serve them in their future lives, careers and families. The greater awareness we have about who we are, the more we can make purposeful choice that aligns with who we are and how we best serve the world The more we can name our belief systems, the more we can reflect on how they serve us and limit us.

I believe technology affords our modern era a unique opportunity to connect with others in a meaningful way. One can choose to simply “follow” or take in content that affirms ones belief systems, or we can open our perspectives to new ways of thinking, being and knowing. I hope that students leave my space realizing that the 4 walls of our classroom plants the seeds of understanding, but everything and everyone can serve as our teacher and allow us to better understand ourselves and each other. I hope they take those lessons and use them as they connect virtually with others.

This space will provide me with the opportunity to share my thoughts and how I am growing in this perspective as I continue down my path as a life long learner.