Summary of Learning!

Hi everyone,

Thank you for a tremendous summer session. To see some of my highlights from this course, please check out the video below! But, because being concise is not my strong suit, see below for specific highlights from my peers’ blogs that really resonated with me and inspired me to make a commitment to my teaching practice in the future! Your deep insights and sound practice throughout the blogs really inspired me! Have a great rest of your summer!!!

2 thoughts on “Summary of Learning!

  1. You are a WeVideo master!
    You had me at “postulated” and “Yup, I slid that right in there.”
    Though I am absolutely crushed that I didn’t get to hear your singing voice, you did a great job with this. I love that you use Postman throughout as you made connections. Excellent work this semester. I always loved reading your thoughts on all of the blogs.


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