Summary of Learning

This course has been a tremendous opportunity for myself to engage in meaningful and important conversations. Although our time together flew by, the content, the connections and the learning has created great space for me to continue to reflect on my role as an educator in the 21st Century.  It has helped me further understand the importance of good pedagogy, intention of lessons and how tech can enhance, how I view my role as a teacher, how I can ensure that all voices are being represented in my classroom.  This course, through the debate format, was tremendous in showing that when we take time to go beyond the surface of any tech related issue, research, discuss and reflect, we get to the crux of it all- how are we, as educators, using our platforms to enhance and empower student learning? 

To hear my thoughts on the course, the debates and my learning, check out the link below:

I found that after each debate I kept thinking about how what we were discussing could be reflective and research assignments for students in our classrooms. Therefore, below is an extension/activity I thought I would use in the future with students as I explore Digital Citizenship and Critical and reflective learners:

*I paired Debates 4 and 5 together for the extension assignments.  And paired Debates 2 and 7 together for extension assignments as well. So the order will be affected*

Debate #1: Technology: Does it help or hurt student learning?

Debate #3: Should Schools not focus on teaching things that can be easily googled?

Debate #4: Is Technology Ruining Childhood? Combined with Debate #5: Should Cell Phones be banned in the Classroom? and with Debate #6: Openness and Sharing is Unfair to our Kids

Debate #2: Does Technology Create Equity? Paired with Debate #7: Educators have a Responsibility to use Tech and Social Media to Promote Social Justice?


One thought on “Summary of Learning

  1. Awesome SOL. Very insightful and thoughtful. I agree that this class brought us to the middle rather than polarized us. Very important when we are planning and delivering learning experiences that involve using tech as a tool. Also I think a meaningful experiences leaves us with more questions than answers and I love the questions you posed. Nice work with adobe spark too. Thanks


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